Taekwondo Programme


Why should kids have all the fun? We also train Juniors-Seniors! Taekwondo is a fun way to exercise, control weight, improve flexibility, and feel good about yourself. Taekwondo is a low-impact sport and anyone can easily accommodate almost any physical limitations. Our Junior-Senior classes at Cachar Taekwondo not only help students to get fit, but also equip them with the self-defence tools that every person should know. Our workouts will give the total package of strength training, stress relief, and flexibility training. Combining modern training with ancient taekwondo techniques, students will get a great workout while having fun at the same time. We also offer adult fitness programs for the families in Silchar, Assam. Through our self defence training programme, we promote non-violent resolutions to conflict. Our methods help students to explore and understand conflict through role-play and other exercises. Our “Self-Defence” specifically trains students in the following areas: street sense, stranger safety, dealing with bullies, and the other aspects of daily life. Our Chief Instructor has designed some special techniques of Self-Defence especially for Women Safety. Along with Taekwondo we also teach some value education to our students outline hereunder for making a better society.

  • Respect
  • Perseverance
  • Improved Focus
  • Leadership
  • Goal Setting
  • Self Control
  • Indomitable Spirit
  • Passion and Purpose for Life