Dojang Rules & Regulations

Every student must comply with the rules enumerated in connection with Discipline, Conduct and Behaviour.

  • Bow when you enter or leave the Dojang.
  • Bow first to your Master and then Instructors before receiving any instruction after entering into the Dojang.
  • Always obey and respect your Master, Instructors, Seniors (Higher Belt Students) and also respect your Juniors (Lower Belt Students).
  • Always bow and greet your Master and Instructors whenever and whereever you meet them.
  • Always come for your class within or on time, if you late then you must accept the disciplinary action taken against you by your Master or Instructors.
  • Always keep your Dobok or Uniform clean and presentable. Student can not enter into the Class/Dojang without proper uniform or tracksuit. Student must respect the Uniform & Belt.
  • Students having long hair (female) must tieup thier neetly. Students should always trim their nails (hand & feet) regularly.
  • Students should always put off their outdoor shoes on the shoe rack or in the designated areas. Only Taekwondo training shoes are allowed on the Mat or in the class.
  • Students must not enter or leave the class without taking permission from the Master or Instructors
  • Students must not wear any jewellaries, watches & other accessories to prevent injuries during training.
  • If any student is suffering with any kind of injury then he/she has to report the same to the Master or Instructors before starting the training session. On the other hand if any student get injured during the training then he/she should report the same to the instructors.
  • Student must wear full taekwondo gears during the Practice of Kyorugi as safety measures of himself/herself along with his/her partner both.
  • Student should perform Kyorugi training under the supervision of Master or Instructor or any technically sound senior belt student.
  • Student must always respect the classroom or training area, sparing gears, training accessories / equipments.
  • Student should be polite, honest and humble to their teammates and always follow the Dojang Rules & Regulations.
  • Consuming Alcohol, chewing of tobacco, chewing gum, loud conversation, negative behaviour and use of slang language are strictly prohibitted in the class/Dojang.
  • Student must not display the taekwondo techniques/ability for hurting any one without any reason or for fund. And always should remember the ethics & value of Taekwondo.
  • If any student of Cachar Taekwondo found guilty in any un-ethical or un-social acitivity than strict disciplinary action will be taken against him/her and may be terminated from the Dojang.